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Show Notes

Ep. 14 - Farting up a Storm in the Cattle Industry

In the first episode of the "Farting Up a Storm" series, Jay & Ashlee seek to push back on four untruths that livestock industry opponents claim to be true. We use peer-reviewed research, meta-analyses and pure common sense to help the listener become more informed about the livestock industry, ecology, soil and more.

The 4 Untruths of Livestock Production Systems:

  1. Livestock will never be carbon neutral because they emit greenhouse gases.

  2. Livestock production on pasture cannot sequester carbon. 

  3. A large portion of arable crops grown are consumed by livestock.

  4. If we switch to a plant-based diet, we can take huge amounts of land out of agricultural production.

Unfortunately, our recording equipment malfunctioned during the recording of this podcast. We did our best to edit out the audio issues, but we ask you to overlook the audio static in this podcast. The juice is worth the squeeze.

PSA: If any words, acronyms, definitions and/or descriptions escape your understanding, we ask you to pause the podcast and look up what they are. The path towards wisdom is slow and deliberate.


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