20-weeks, May 25th to Oct 5th

Pickups will be in Stevensville at the Sour Doe, every Wednesday 4-6pm OR at Hamiltons Farmers Market at Fern Co.'s booth, every Saturday 9am-12pm.


We are pleased to offer our customers a unique bread share. This is the first and only bread share available in the Bitterroot Valley whose products are freshly baked in-house at the Sour Doe.


By signing-up for the 20-week program, our customers will observe a $30 savings on retail prices.


All bakery items are sourdough unless otherwise noted. Customers can expect the following in each share:


One 10” sandwich loaf OR artisan loaf (Plain, Rosemary Romano, etc.)


One of the following: 4-pk bagel, 6-pk english muffin, baguette, dinner rolls OR rotating specialty items (e.g. sourdough cinnamon rolls)


Why do we choose to offer mainly sourdough products?

Sourdough is not a flavor, it's a process. In short, sourdough products offer a variety of nutritional benefits. For example, the fermentation of sourdough increases the bio-availability of vitamins and minerals for our bodies. Moreover, this type of fermentation helps to break down gluten proteins making the bread easier to digest. Plus, it just tastes way better!

Bakery Share

$257.00 Regular Price
$160.00Sale Price